Voyageurs Canoe Country has a variety of trip types to help meet the needs of your group. All trips are offered each summer from mid-June through mid-September.

Read through the descriptions below to see what type of trip might work the best for your group.

Most trips consist of 8 participants and 1 VLM guide.  Group size is set by the US Forest Service regulations.  Larger groups are welcome to book several trips.


Canoe Country Camping (typically 7 days) - Base-camp in Superior National Forest

Spend time as a group swimming, canoeing, camping and exploring lakes just outside of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Set up base-camp at the beginning of the week and enjoy a slower pace of life. Our staff will spend time each day leading Bible study, teaching camp skills, leading day paddles on the lake and more.

Distance: Varies from 1-10 miles depending on group goals.
Group size: 16 participants and 2 guides


Extended Weekend Excursions (typically 5 days) – Great for families!
A shortened schedule allows just a taste of life in Canoe Country, but you’ll still love escaping to the wilderness. Explore lakes and rivers, enjoy meals around the campfire, fish, swim and take time for daily devotions. Do you have a small family? Invite another family to join you! 

Minimum age of 7 with a parent/guardian.

Distance: Varies from 1-12 miles per trip depending on group goals
Group Size: 8 participants and 1 guide*

Boundary Waters Basics (typically 7 days) - Great for Beginners
If you have never take a group into the Boundary Waters before, we recommend that you start with this trip. Our staff will teach you to paddle and portage like pros in no time. Let us take care of the logistics and you can simply spend time in God’s creation together. Enjoy paddling, camping, fishing, doing Bible study, and exploring as a group.

Distance: Varies from 5-20 miles depending on group goals
Group size: 8 participants and 1 guide* (Larger groups are welcome to book several trips.)


Boundary Waters Classic (typically 7 days)- A Voyageurs Canoe Country Tradition
On these trips, daily life provides opportunities for team building and teachable moments. Your group will spend most of your time paddling, portaging, camping and cooking. Find ways to soak in the beauty of the Boundary Waters as you travel by foot and by canoe over ancient paths.

Distance: Varies from 30-50 miles depending on group goals
Group size: 8 participants and 1 guide* (Larger groups are welcome to book several trips.)

Expedition Routes (typically 7 days)- For Returning Groups Only
If you group has worked with VLM before and has a desire for an even more physically demanding, “off the beaten path” experience, then this trip is for you. Options include simply traveling more miles than ever before or purchasing special permits to go into Primitive Management Areas or into the Quetico. Depending on staff availability, your group could spend up to 10 days in the Boundary Waters. Contact us to discuss details and get a cost estimate.

Distance: Varies from 40-65+ miles depending on group goals
Group size: 7 participants and 2 guides* (Larger groups are welcome to book several trips.)
Registration Deadline for Expedition Routes: February 1, 2018

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