VLM Teams are being created to increase member congregation’s participation with Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry.  Currently, “VLM Delegates” are asked to do many tasks in order to help their congregation stay informed about what is happening at Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion. This is a lot to ask of one person! Our hope is that VLM Teams will help increase participation, reduce workload, and enhance creativity.

A Membership Committee has been formed and we are working with congregations one-by-one to help them establish VLM Teams. We want to listen to the needs of your church and find ways to strengthen the partnership between your congregation and VLM. This process will take time. Thank you for your patience!

Call the main office - 218-666-5465 - to learn more about setting up a team in your congregation. 

Whether we have met with you to establish a team or not, we hope that you will find these resources and ideas helpful. 

Who can be part of a VLM Team?

  • VLM Teams can include people who are or have been campers, canoers, Board members, campers’ parents, staff, Builders members, canoe guides, volunteers, staff parents, winter retreaters, delegates, and folks who are simply interested in the ministry of VLM.

  • People who have experienced and/or have watched others experience the Christian faith growth that so often happens at Camp Vermilion and Camp Hiawatha, on a canoe trip, at a Day Camp, or on a retreat.

  • People who want that experience for as many members of his/her congregation as possible – both youth and adults.

Potential Roles for VLM Team Members

  1. Voting Delegate: Communicate budget needs and membership goals. Petition the church council to keep VLM as a priority in mission. Vote at VLM’s Annual Meeting each February.

  2. Youth and Family Program Advocate: Market programs. Recruit people to attend. Evaluate summer and year round programs for youth and family with VLM staff. Focus on getting youth and families to camp throughout the year.

  3. Adult Programs and Retreat Advocate: Market programs. Recruit people to attend. Evaluate adult and retreat programs with VLM staff. Focus on getting adults involved at camp throughout the year.

  4. Pastors and/or Youth Directors: Work with VLM staff to identify opportunities within the mission of the church where outdoor ministries can be a viable partner. Assist in promoting and evaluating programs.

  5. Office Administrator: Communicate with VLM and your congregation about program opportunities.

  6. Fundraising Coordinator: Create fundraisers to raise money for your congregation’s budgeted contribution to VLM ($3 per confirmed member in your church). Consider additional fundraisers to have “camperships” available for families who can’t afford camp. Encourage congregational members to become “VLM Builders”, people who donate $100 or more each year.

  7. Volunteer Coordinator: Organize people to come for Work Day at either camp. Let the VLM Staff know if you have people who would be willing to help with certain projects.

A few congregations have been very successful in getting a VLM Team running in their church.  It you have a group together, but aren't sure where to start, check out these ideas.