Counselor (28 positions)
Provide leadership and support for 7-9 campers in a cabin group, grades 2-12, and for campers in a day camp setting, grades K-6.  Facilitate Bible study and lead other games and activities in small and large group settings.  Responsible also for some planning with cabin groups according to the daily program.  Will serve at both camps as well as with the off-site Day Camp program.  Must be 18 years of age.

Canoe Guide (5-6 positions)
Responsible for the overall navigation, safety, and well-being of up to 8 individuals, including at least 1 adult advisor, on a wilderness canoe trip. Canoe guides will be trained in team building, small group development and will be equipped with tools in order to facilitate Bible studies from the summer theme in the BWCAW. Current lifeguard/Wilderness Water Safety, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR certifications is required. Wilderness ethics and experience are appreciated(Training provided or VLM can assist with finding classes as needed.) *When not guiding, this position will serve as a counselor in-camp, on Day camp, or as a program specialists, and/or in a support position. 21 years of age or older preferred

Kitchen Assistant (6 positions)
Responsible for assisting with food preparation, serving, and consequent clean-up, while maintaining appropriate food safe procedures.  May also be responsible for cleaning additional facilities as assigned.  Expected to assist with camp games and worships as needed and available. Flexibility in scheduling may be necessary.  One position works with Canoe Country program and requires weekend work.

Canteen/Marketing Coordinator - (2 positions) Work with Food Service Director and office staff to stock and maintain canteen, including ordering food/beverages, maintaining accurate records for staff and camper accounts, and returning canteen balances at the end of each week.  This person also assists with Sunday registration.  Responsible for taking pictures and video each week for use in sharing with parents as well as VLM marketing.  Work with Program Director to maintain daily blog/newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.  Ideally could lead a Journey on social media/blogs/video making. Expected to assist with worship, games, and other activities as available.

Activities Coordinator (2 positions) Coordinate Creative Arts activities for both Grover times (1 hour) and more Journey activities (2+hours). Coordinate overnights and cookouts experiences each week, including gear checkout and working with food service staff in packing out food. Work with Program Coordinators to set up games, afternoon activities, and/or Bible study supplies.  Expected to assist with worship, games, and other activities as available.

Maintenance Assistant (2 positions)Responsible for assisting the Site Director in all areas of grounds and facilities upkeep, including cleaning, basic building maintenance, garbage and recycling pick-up, and mowing/weed whipping.  Some “fix-it” skills preferred as well as a willingness to learn.  Flexibility in scheduling may be necessary.  Expected to assist with worship, games, and other activities as available.

Health Care Manager (2 positions) - Responsible for the health and safety of campers and staff. Need to be available at all times to administer medication and first aid, and treat illnesses and injuries. Assists with Sunday registration, reports dietary needs to kitchen staff, helps maintain the cleanliness of the overall camp.  Expected to assist with worship, games, and other activities as available. Minimum of advanced First Aid and CPR training preferred.  21 years of age preferred.

 Waterfront Director (2 positions)
Responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and fun waterfront area.  Current certification in CPR/First Aid and lifeguarding required. Position includes supervision of lifeguards when on the waterfront, daily maintenance of the beach front and orientation for guests and campers using the waterfront. Expected to assist with other camp activities as needed and available. 21 years of age with lake guarding experience preferred.

Trail Shack Coordinator (1 position)
In conjunction with Program Director and Food Service staff, this person is responsible for planning, ordering, and packing out in-camp cookout and Canoe Country meals.  Works with in-camp staff to assure all cookout equipment is kept in good working condition.  Works with Assistant Program Directors to ensure that dietary needs are met for all cookout meals.  Assists Canoe Country staff as needed and available in maintaining Canoe Country food equipment.  Assist with games and worship as needed and schedule allows.

Head Cook (2-3 positions)
Responsible for coordinating all food service activities with the Hospitality Coordinator.  Manage all food service preparation, ordering food, planning nutritious meals, supervision of food storage and maintenance of kitchen supplies and equipment.  This staff position will also help train, manage and nurture the kitchen staff at the site.  Two positions works with in-camp program; one position works with weekend Canoe Country meals.

Program Coordinators (7 positions)
Responsible for overall supervision of specific program and the staff and campers in the program.  Serve as a representative of VLM to pastors, youth directors, education directors, volunteers and parents.  Provides support, encouragement and leadership to summer staff. Works with other coordinators to plan and implement daily programming. Assists with leading staff training. 21 years of age and 2 years of camp experience preferred.

  • K-4 Coordinator (1 position) Responsible for leading and overall supervision of Day Camp, Discoverer, and Venturer programs. Involves training staff and volunteers and assisting with the development of some Day Camp materials. Must have a valid driver’s license.  21 years of age preferred. 
  • In-Camp Coordinators (6 positions - 3 at each site) Responsible for overall supervision of either Seeker, Trekker, or Explorer program.  Serves as Day Camp team leader when not needed on-site.

Camp Vermilion Assistant Program Director (1 position) Responsible for supervising all on-site programs at Camp Vermilion.  Includes assisting with staff training, overseeing program coordinators to make sure programs are running smoothly, direct supervision of leadership and support staff, reviewing and evaluating programs and staff, and serving as a representative of VLM to pastors, youth directors, education directors, volunteers and parents.  21 years of age and a minimum of 2 years prior camp experience.  Prior camp leadership experience preferred.

Canoe Country Assistant Program Director (1 position)
Responsible for supervising all aspects of the Canoe Country Program. Assist with staff training, oversee the Trail Shack Coordinator and Canoe Guides, lead orientation for groups, review and evaluate trips, and serve as a representative of VLM to pastors, youth directors, education directors, volunteers and parents.  Must be able to drive a 15 passenger van with a canoe trailer (training will be provided). Must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Current lifeguard, Wilderness First Aid and CPR required. Ability to fulfill the responsibilities of a Canoe Guide preferred.

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry will either provide or assist with coordinating any required certification training prior to or during staff training.  Staff are also encouraged to seek such training through their school prior to the summer if at all possible.  If you are not able to attend the training for required certification, VLM reserves the right reassign you to another position or rescind your letter of call.

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