Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry provides opportunities for Christ-centered spiritual growth, leadership development, and outreach in God’s great northwoods.
— VLM Mission Statement

During the summer of 2008, representatives of the VLM community met to develop the Core Values and continue work on the strategic plan of the organization.  Those values most important to the ministry are summarized best by stating that at VLM we are rooted in being:

  • People of the Word
  • Hospitable
  • Program
  • Safe
  • Partners
  • Stewards

Watch this video to see how we put our mission and values into action.  People's lives truly are changed by the power of camp.

People of the Word  - With Christ as our core we move outward to the world.  We live as a worshipping community that is washed daily in God’s Grace through the Word.  We encounter that Word in scripture and prayer, in our experiences with one another and in creation, and as we proclaim Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Hospitable - We welcome all into our community with open arms.  We honor our guests, staff and volunteers with a comfortable, clean and prepared place for them to stay during their journey.  We treat every traveler as Christ.

Program - Our programs celebrate the gift of community that comes from the Holy Spirit.  Our programs are intentional and rooted in faith.  We explore our gifts and talents and encourage personal growth, joy in pure play and spiritual reflection.  Through varied challenges and experiences, our programs offer fertile ground for the seeds of faith and personal development.

Safe - We train, prepare and manage our community so that those who spend time here are safe.  We hope that our community feels renewed not only in Spirit, but also in health and energy.  We review our facilities and policies to provide the safest community possible.  We want our participants to eat healthy, challenge themselves, and sleep well.  

Partners - Our community circle overlaps with many other circles.  We strive to partner with our local, regional and international communities.  Through the sharing of resources, ideas and expertise, we seek to learn as much about them as possible and incorporate their experience into ours.  We are Lutherans in the world and strive to welcome all groups to share in dialogue about what it means to be a neighbor.

Stewards - We live in a world of limited resources.  Our human, financial, energy and food resources are precious to us and we strive to do our best to limit our abuse of them.  We strive to renew our community and prepare them for service to others, to Creation, and to God.