A delegate is the most important link with the congregation, youth director, pastor and office staff that VLM has! The VLM full-time staff would love to be present in our member congregations every Sunday, but we simply can’t do it. We need your help! Share VLM with your congregation and bring your congregations ideas to VLM.

How to become a VLM Delegate…

Check out more information about the role of a delegate

Contact your church office, then email the VLM office or call 800-331-5148!

View a list of current delegates with our congregations.

Delegate Resources

Thrivent Action Teams - Learn more about how Action Teams can make a difference at camp!

Who Do I Call - A list of common VLM information and which staff members can get you that information.

What is a Delegate? - The Ministry Description for a VLM Delegate.

VLM Camp Sundays - A guide to help plan your VLM Camp Sunday visit.

VLM By-Laws on “Delegates” - Corporate By-Laws on the responsibilities for VLM Delegates.


Myrna Peterson of Grand Rapids is our Volunteer Delegate Coordinator.  You can reach her by email at delegates@vlmcamps.org

Myrna has been connected with VLM through Camp Hiawatha where she helped with site and program leadership in the 1980’s.  Since then, she has been one of our biggest advocates in her congregations (Bethany, Deer River and St. Andrews in Grand Rapids).  Myrna’s role with VLM is to help inform and engage the Delegates at our member congregations.  She assists the VLM Staff with Delegate trainings and communications.  In addition, Myrna helps to plan opportunities for Delegates to gather and share ideas about how to be advocates for Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion in their congregations.  Myrna also serves on the VLM Marketing Team.

If you are a new delegate – please  email the VLM office and we, along with Myrna, will send you information.