The Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry Day Camp program is designed to introduce the Bible camping experience to youth of the congregation.  Geared towards children who have completed kindergarten through fourth grade, Day Camp provides a congregation with a quality Christian experience at their own site.

Day Camp is a unique blend of outdoor ministry and congregational ministry.  The VLM staff brings to the week their own enthusiasm and leadership/teaching style, which local volunteers enhance with similar gifts as well as knowledge of the community needs and resources. Together they make Day Camp an exciting and enriching experience.

Day Camp is relational.  Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry will seek to provide a staff to youth ration of 1:10, in addition to congregational volunteers.

Day Camp is renewal.  The experience is renewing not only for the youth, but for the adult volunteers as well.  Day Camp can also revitalize a Bible School or Sunday School with new ideas and energy.

Day Camp is outreach.  The week can be an outreach into the local community as well as the congregation.  It can also be an ecumenical experience.

Day Camp is not Bible School.  It is important that the congregation not expect a similar experience to Bible School.  It is not intended to replace VBS or any other program, but to enhance congregational ministry.

Other helpful information as you consider hosting a VLM Day Camp team.

A typical Day Camp team consists of 3 staff member who are able to lead a group of up to 30 campers.  The size of the staff team in your congregation can be adjusted to fit your needs/group size.

Cost is $1,350 for three staff members, plus round trip mileage from Camp Vermilion to the congregation.  Each additional staff member is $250.  (additional staff are suggested for each additional 10 campers)

The VLM Day Camp team will bring all materials needed for the program, including Bible study, craft supplies, game equipment and worship resources.

The host congregation is responsible for providing housing and meals to the VLM staff during the week of Day Camp.

The staff is also available to provide a youth night for the Jr. High or Sr. High youth of your congregation.

Review our Day Camp Guidelines to learn more.

The staff of Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry will work with each congregation to design a Day Camp program that best meets their needs.

Questions or need more information?  Want to book a team?  Email Aaron or call 218-410-7655