The Joy of Volunteerism

Louie Gueltzow, Camp Hiawatha volunteer

Ten years ago my wife and I retired and decided to relocate to northern Minnesota. We had no ties to the area, no relatives or friends. Starting a new chapter of life in your mid 60’s can be traumatic. Meeting people and making new friendships can be difficult if you don’t take the initiative.

Joining a church, and getting involved with other nonprofits can be one of the easiest places to make new acquaintances. The first few weeks after moving in, my neighbor introduced me to Camp Hiawatha. Each Thursday morning between

Labor Day and Memorial Day a men’s group meets for breakfast. This group also provides many volunteer hours keeping buildings and the grounds in good working condition. Repairing buildings, painting, putting docks and swim raft in and out and mowing are just a few of the volunteer opportunities. This frees up staff time to concentrate on their mission to provide religious camping experience to youth.

Volunteerism can not only be fun but it provides fellowship with like minded individuals. Some of my closest friendships were made through volunteering at Camp Hiawatha. Be open to giving your time and effort to nonprofits.