A Busy Summer!

Camp Hiawatha Celebrated 60 Years of Ministry!

On Saturday, July 7, we invited friends to join us at Camp Hiawatha to celebrate 60 years. It was a beautiful day filled with stories, fellowship, and worship. The worship included planting three new White Pine trees near Grandfather Pine. It is our hope that those trees will one day take Grandfather Pine's place as the location to gather for campers and guest who use this camp. Thank you to all who joined us in this celebration! 

See more pictures of the day by clicking here.

Camp Vermilion Loses 200-350 Year Old Trees in Storm

The same weekend we celebrated Hiawatha and planted trees, a strong and fast storm moved through the Lake Vermilion area and took out about 100 trees at Camp Vermilion. Some of those trees had been standing for hundreds of years! Fortunately the storm did minor damage to buildings, though the amphitheater damage was significant. We have had some wonderful volunteers helping with cutting trees, cleaning up brush, and wood chipping.  Join us at our Fall Work Day on September 22 and help us continue the clean up.

See our initial Facebook Post here; additional posts on our page will show clean up progress. 

Camp Vermilion Sauna

Our summer season ended with the discovery that the sauna at Camp Vermilion was destroyed by fire the night of August 9. We are so very grateful that no one was hurt and that the fire did not spread to any other buildings. With the heat involved in this incident, it is truly divine intervention that stopped any other part of camp being affected by this fire.The sauna had been used by campers earlier in the day so the stove was lit, but it is our understanding that the cause of the fire was simply too much heat for a 50 year old building. Plans are in the works for how to rebuild this much used and loved building.

See the Facebook Post here.