Weaving JOY

Summer Theme 2019

Jesus calls us to follow him. Our lives are made more complete when we respond to this call and strive to follow the example Jesus set. But living out this call takes more than simply a relationship with Jesus; it requires a relationship with others, too. To live a faith-filled life, we need Jesus, Others, and ourselves (You). Woven together these three are stronger and supportive, like braided rope. When one of these strands is off, life can fray and faith can be weaker. But by Weaving JOY, we can see how each strand impacts the other and enables us to move from "going to church" to "being the church" in our communities and world. We look forward to exploring Jesus, Others, and You this summer, and sending campers home with a new sense of how to weave together these key strands of our faith journey.