Thanks, Tavis!

We said thank you and farewell to Tavis Reiderer at the end of October. Tavis has been the Camp Vermilion Site Director since February of 2017, and brought a passion for camp and a constant smile to this position.

Tavis loved to solve problems; if something wasn't working, he was relentless in figuring out a solution. He helped us get many of the final tasks completed on Voyageur Lodge, and took great pride in knowing how things worked in that building. His enthusiasm for camp, working with volunteers, and strengthening Vermilion's connection to the Cook community was evident throughout his time with us. 

In addition to being Vermilion's Site Director, Tavis is also the owner of The Crescent, a restaurant not far from camp, and a frequent choice of both summer and year-round staff. His decision to leave Camp Vermilion was not an easy one, but one he feels is necessary to give The Crescent the time and energy needed to keep it a successful business for the community. And though he will no longer be on staff, we look forward to seeing around the area as well as volunteering at camp!