Fall Projects at Camp Hiawatha

Thanks to some dedicated and hard working volunteers, a lot of updates have happened at Camp Hiawatha since our summer programs ended.  

The Log Lodge, which is almost 100 years old, got some new logs, new window frames, and new screens. We are so thankful for these updates that will allow us to use this building for generations to come!

Those staying in Lindberg Dorm will notice a drastic improvement to the building. A new cement was poured last  spring in front of the building, and this fall a covered walk way was built. Not only will this keep the snow from landing right in front of the doors, it will also provide shade from the sun during the long summer days. Sitting in front of Lindberg enjoying the view of Deer Lake just got much more enjoyable!

The final project was new racks for our canoes and paddle boards. In a more sheltered location, our canoes will be protected from high winds, and we have a set location for storing our paddle boards when not in use.