In-Camp Update

We have had so many amazing campers so far, and as we near the end of summer we get to welcome a different kind of camper to Hiawatha: family campers! The last 2 two weeks we are hosting camp lovers of all ages for our annual Family Camp.  The exciting part about these weeks is that they contain all of our favorite camp activities-games, campfire, bible study, music, great food-but they also give families a chance to reconnect and grow in their faith together.   Family camp looks a little more relaxed than other weeks. Sure, we still get the blood pumping by playing Scoop Noodle Challenge and by belting out the camp rouser each night at campfire, but there's also time for board games, time for saunas and time for sitting on the dock with a nice cup of coffee.

There's never a lack of fellowship time, and that gives families the chance to share their love of the Great North Woods with each other.  At any age, camp is a place to meet new people, share good conversation, and grow in your relationship with God. We're so excited for our family campers to share their stories and love of camp!

-Aaron Burnside

Camp Hiawatha Program Director