Staff Training Recap

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Staff training just wrapped up after several intense weeks of learning and growing together in community. We had a ton of fun working on our Bible Studies and cook-out skills, learned a lot of new songs, and heard from all ten of our international staff members.

We also welcomed many outside experts and friends of camp to share their wisdom. Katya Ouchakof taught our guides how to be expert canoeists. We heard from Phil Bramley about how to lead groups. And we did strength finders and talked about vocation with Andy Jolivette.

We especially enjoyed meeting all the people who generously give their time to make camp happen at the volunteer dinner, and we had an awesome time on our overnight on a lake just outside the Boundary Waters. Now we're ready and eager for campers to arrive on Sunday!

-Aaron Burnside, Camp Hiawatha Program Director

& Grant Winter, Camp Vermilion Program Director