Camp Work Days

Hello Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry supporters!

Click here for information about your 2017 Camp Work Days.  Please share the information with your congregation members and encourage them to participate.  Work Day not only helps get the camp ready for the summer, but it is a great opportunity to get to know others who love camp too!

We have been so blessed in recent years with the response at our work days!  So much work has been done and some major projects have been completed. 

As you make plans to join us this year, we invite you to consider applying for a Thrivent Action Team. Action Teams can be used to cover the cost of camp projects, but can also be used to pay for gas to allow more volunteers to join us on these important days.  Contact the VLM office or visit and click “Making a Difference” to learn more. 

We also invite you to help camp go green! You can help us save energy and money by bringing 4 LED light bulbs to replace all of our incandescent bulbs. Not only do we save money by needing to replace fewer light bulbs throughout the year, but we also receive a rebate from Lake Country Power for each LED we use!

Click here for the enclosed list of projects and tasks, and contact our Site Directors (Kirk and Tavis) with specific questions about how you can help get behind all that needs to be completed at both sites.

We look forward to seeing you at camp in May!

Joel Abenth, Executive Director