We paddled and portaged all day and all night!

Canoe Camp at Camp Vermilion

  • Grades 7th & 8th - June 25-30
  • Grades 9th & 12th - July 9-14
  • Grades 5th & 6th - July 16-21

Each day of Canoe Camp includes learning canoeing skills, such as the various canoe strokes and how to stern as well as how to portage and care for your canoe.  Campers will also learn basic map reading and navigation skills.  Overnight camping experiences during the week will teach campers how to set up a campsite and prepare your meals "on the trail", both over the fire and using a simple trail stove. 

In addition to these intentional learning times, the week also includes many favorite camp activities, such as games, campfire, swimming, and more!

The 5th and 6th grade program will be an introduction to canoeing and camping, and include an overnight experience at Camp Vermilion as well as day canoeing trips on Lake Vermilion. The 7th and 8th grade program will go a bit deeper into canoeing and camping skills, and include an off-site, overnight canoe trip. The Sr. High program involves a three night trip to the Boundary Waters with two of our staff, including a trained Canoe Country guide.

For more information contact Grant Winter, or click here to sign up online!