Come share your "Journey" with us this summer!

What is a Journey?

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We are inviting campers to "journey" with us this summer.  During our weeklong programs, we'll be setting aside time in which campers will have a chance to learn a new skill, spend time on a new activity, or express their creative side. We are calling these learning times Journeys, and they might include canoeing, drama, campfire cooking, music, theater, sports, or arts.  It is, in its simplest form, an extended time to spend on those activities (Grovers) that camper wanted more time to do.

A Journey is a 2 hour block of time for focused learning offered to our weeklong campers.  The age of the camper will determine how much time is spent participating in a Journey - 2 hours for Seekers, 4 hours for Trekkers, and 6 hours for Explorers.  

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The age of the campers in camp will determine how many blocks of time you, as a specialist/guest artist, will need to prepare.  You are welcome to spend the entire week with us as your schedule allows, but can also be at camp only on the days you will be teaching and sharing. 

If you are able to join us this summer, please contact Gretchen to schedule your week(s). Call 218-780-4116 or email