YourStory Retreat Series


A series of weekend retreats at Camp Vermilion

November - February - April - Summer


An Overview of the Series

YourStory 1: It's My Life

November 10th-12th
What are your stories? What do your stories and experiences say about you? Andy Mork will be guiding participants with questions designed to help you document your own stories.


YourStory 2: Changing My Story

February 2nd-4th

This session will explore when some familiar biblical characters faced challenges and adversity. How do I respond to tough situations? Who are the people that give me support in challenging times? How can I discern between symptoms and problems in challenges to recognize recurring patterns? 


YourStory 3: Characters in Conflict

April 27th-29th

This session will explore when some familiar biblical characters faced conflicts with people. It will focus on how we handle conflict. How do I respond to conflict with friends? Family? Wh

at impact do I have on people around me when there is conflict? Am I a peacemaker, peace faker, or peace breaker? 


YourStory 4: Making Ripples

Summer 2018 - TBD

This is a retreat for YourStory alumni! Anyone who attended at least one YourStory retreat. Participants are welcome to bring family to Camp Vermilion. It will include days of swimming, enjoying Lake Vermilion in many memorable ways, delicious meals, and time for stories. 




Each weekend will be led by Andy Mork