Thank you, Jan!

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It is with with both regret and honor that we share news of the resignation of Jan (Soltis) Greniger.

We are honored that she felt called to do ministry here with us at VLM when her daughter told her "hey, Camp needs a cook. I told them you would do it". For 17 years at Camp Hiawatha, Jan became the embodiment of "Camp Hospitality". She helped VLM grow tremendously over the last several years. She expanded our food and hospitality vision by implementing a new "Food Service Philosophy" at both camps. Designing common space and new kitchens and developing our policies over the years. Through that process she became a respected voice regionally and nationally in Lutheran Outdoor Ministries as well as here in God's great northwoods.

Jan raised up a new standard of family and community that we seek continue after she her departure. Her fierce desire to make sure all are welcome to experience safe, quality meals was only surpassed by her love for every person that walked through the door.

Her imprint on Camp is experienced in many ways from campers smiling over a plate of food to a group of men faithfully gathering every Thursday morning. We will miss Jan's leadership and efforts at Camp.

Jan's last day will be Nov 16th. We pray for her on her next steps with husband Gary and for her whole family. Thank you Jan, for your service to God's mission at camp.