Posé: A pause or rest stop along the Voyageurs' portage trail. Usually about ½ mile apart. We invite you to take a pause in your day to reflect and pray with us.  

Burning Hearts, Queasy Stomachs

They said to each other, "Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the scriptures to us?" - Luke 24:27

I loved joining Family Camp at Camp Hiawatha to help with Bible Study. There's something renewing, warming and challenging about being in the Word with others - it brings up hard questions, validates that we all have joys and struggles and sometimes it seems as if God is speaking directly to our hearts. On the road to Emmaus, Jesus appears to two of his followers, but they are kept from knowing who he really is. What they do know is that this man made their "hearts burn" (not in an antacid sort-of-way) when he opened the Scriptures to them and taught them.

God's Word affects us because it is a "living" Word. Jesus speaks to us in very real, even physical ways. Maybe a Scripture passage makes you feel queasy in the stomach because it points out a way you hurt someone. God's Word can convict. The good news is there's always forgiveness! Maybe a Scripture passage makes you feel elated because it gives you a new way of thinking about a menacing problem. God's Word can give us hope. What was the last Scripture passage that affected you? Do you believe that God's Spirit had a role in it? What opportunities do you have coming up of being in the Word with friends or family?

Great Lord, be with us and guide us as we study and meditate on your Word. Help us to know your truth, wisdom and life. Give us faithful people to be with in your Word. Amen.

Faithful travels everyone,

Pastor Lisa Buchanan

Bethany Lutheran Church in Deer River

VLM Camp Pastor 2010-2011

*Reprinted from The Knapsack August 16, 2011