Posé: A pause or rest stop along the Voyageurs' portage trail. Usually about ½ mile apart. We invite you to take a pause in your day to reflect and pray with us.  


"All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, 'What does this mean?'" Acts 2:12

The Day of Pentecost was a day of holy chaos and wonder for Jesus' disciples. As the Holy Spirit was poured out upon God's people on that day, a new kind of community was formed - the Christian church, a community gathered to bear the gift of the Holy Spirit together. In baptism, we too receive our Pentecost moment as the Holy Spirit is poured upon us. We are given the gift of faith in the midst of a community that can walk with us and wonder with us about what this means.

For me, the Christian community that gathers each summer at our camps is especially gifted to wonder together about God and faith. Camp provides a place that draws us into moments of wonder. Walking beneath pine trees that soar above you, seeing night skies filled with stars, hearing the splash of the water on the lakeshore or the crackle of a campfire with voices singing God's praises. These moments can open us up to God's presence with us.

Camp also provides a community of people where the wonder of the gospel can be heard in powerful ways. Whether it is in a bible study, during a silly game or in a simple conversation with a friend, the gospel message of God's love and amazing grace is made real for us. We hear we are accepted for who we are and loved by God forever. We can ask questions and wonder about our amazing God and the life of faith together. Moments of holy chaos and wonder erupt each day of camp making God's presence known to all who gather. The Holy Spirit is up to something here.

May you always be surrounded by a community of faith you can wonder about God with together, and may the Holy Spirit continue to stir up holy chaos and wonder in your journey of faith.

Sarah Gunderson
Director of Youth & Family Ministry
Grace Lutheran in Hermantown, MN
Former Hiawatha camper and VLM Staff 2000 & 2001