Thrivent + Camp Work Days in May

As volunteers start to tackle projects at our Camp Work Days this month, it's a great time to form a Thrivent Action Team! Each Thrivent member is eligible to form two Thrivent Action Teams each year. Click here to learn more about this great program, and consider forming a Thrivent Action Team and use the $250 gift card to...

1. Pay for gas and snacks for the trip to camp.
2. Purchase cleaning supplies, rakes, or shovels to use at Work Day.
3. Pick up and plant bushes, flowers, and vegetable plants in the gardens at each camp. *
4. Purchase materials needed for your cabin repairs, including wood, light fixtures, screen doors, etc.
5. Pick up "extras" to spruce up your cabin, including curtains, rugs, new trash cans and shelving.
6. Buy cement to add or repair the cement stoop at your cabin entrance. *

*Just call the camp office (800-331-5148) to see what is needed!

Camp is also seeking Thrivent Action Teams to build picnic tables for the Dining Hall deck! Please email Joel to request the blueprint and material list.

See you at Camp Hiawatha (Saturday May 7) and Camp Vermilion (Saturday May 21) soon! And don't forget to join us at the dedication of the new Camp Vermilion Dining Hall Saturday, May 21 at 2pm.

-Grant Winter
Director of Adventure Ministries