Into the Woods with Andy

The report from Camp Vermilion is plain and simple: cold and snow.  As we reach the middle of February we have settled in nicely to the winter season. This winter has seemed pretty mild compared to the last couple of years, so we have been enjoying some wonderful weather for outdoor activities. The frigid temps this week, however, are reminding us that we are indeed in Minnesota.

Camp Vermilion has been getting small amounts of snowfall here and there, and It has really added up.  We have 12-15 inches of snow on the ground.  This winter's snowfall has been wonderful for the local snowmobile traffic.  I am consistently seeing multiple snowmobile groups at the local gas stations here in Cook.  It is good to see them out and about.  

I have a couple words of caution for anyone planning on traveling on lakes up in northern Minnesota.  Due to mild temps earlier this winter we have had a odd year as far as ice freeze up.  I have measured anywhere from 8 to 22 inches of ice around local lakes.  Proceed with caution because we are also seeing a lot of slush with these varying ice depths.  I suggest staying on packed trails and if you want to go exploring; do not go alone, you may get yourself in a dangerous situation.

-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director