Posé: A pause or rest stop along the Voyageurs' portage trail. Usually about ½ mile apart. We invite you to take a pause in your day to reflect and pray with us.  

A Word from One of Camp's Early Leaders

Pastor Art Dale

Our Camp's Goal: Create Lasting Gospel Community. We've been doing that for decades. To achieve that goal certain things are essential:

  • Time enough to establish relationships,
  • Devotion to the Apostle's teaching,
  • Eating together around tables, and worshiping together,
  • Doing fun things together, like singing, swimming, saunaing, canoeing, playing games, that enable getting to know one another
  • And being with the Spirit in everything we do.

At camp we let the Spirit of God work within us, as disciples of Jesus, to connect Jesus with people and people with Jesus forever.

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry has succeeded at that goal since it was established in 1990. The two camps have the environment that frees up our time and open our hearts to the Gospel of Jesus that creates lasting spiritual connection.

VLM can enable strong youth programs in all congregations. I became the pastor of Our Savior's in Virginia in 1960, just after Camp Vermilion was purchased. Creating a lasting Gospel community was difficult because our youth came from five different schools. I remember the council meeting when the leadership of our congregation decided pay the bill for sending every child to camp. Our interns went from house to house recruiting senior high students for camp. We regularly had over twenty from that age group attending camp because veteran campers took a week off every summer to return to that community.

The normal use of the Apostolic Witness creates lasting gospel communities. Midwinter reunions are still a part of the program. In the beginning the camp then was primitive, as camps go.   But as we became members of camping associations, and did the work of improving the quality of camping our camps became first class camps, creating lasting Gospel Communities.

We have had great Executive Directors and staff. The best way to create a good local youth group is to use the camp as a key portion of local youth ministry. It works! VLM does create lasting Gospel community.

-Rev. Art Dale

Bridge Pastor
Living Waters Parish
Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, and Palo, Minnesota