Into the Woods with Andy

As winter is in full swing, Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion offer so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy this wonderful season. At both camps we have wonderful nature trails that allow you to be in the woods away from civilization for however long you feel comfortable.

The trails at Camp Vermilion, in particular, run through many different forest types and are a great place to learn and explore. These trails are set up for cross country skiers as well as snowshoe enthusiasts. We have roughly 1.5 miles of trails named the Just-A-Trail System. For those who just like to trudge around in the snow, the winter provides a wonderful time to just wander around camp and visit the various buildings on site. Most of these buildings do not see people all winter long and the areas around them are fun to explore in the winter time.

The trails at Camp Hiawatha are very user friendly trails. They are well maintained and are wide enough for you and your whole group to meander down together. At the end of the trails you will find campsites. These sites have fire pits and bench seating so you can take a break, build a fire, and warm up during a wonderful winter wander.

If trail hiking is not in your thing in the winter time, both of our sites have first class sledding hills. If your get your rush from sliding down a hill on a plastic sled or inflatable tube, bring your favorite downhill rocket sled and give it a go.

Outdoors in the winter is a very fun time around here at Voyageurs Lutheran Ministries. We have Winter Fun Day coming up in February at Camp Vermilion, and that is a great time to enjoy all that winter has to offer there. If your plans take you to Camp Hiawatha this winter be sure to enjoy all the outdoor activities provided for you there as well.

-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director