Into the Woods with Andy

Fall is my favorite time of the year, not because it is a bit quieter on site, but for many other reasons: weather, fall colors, hunting, and even a little bit of fishing. The cool nights and mild temperatures during fall really get me going and give me an added sense of urgency to get things done before the snow flies.

Fall also signifies a lot of changes in nature around us.  During the fall, some animals are trying to get all the last bit of food in them, or around them, before they take their long winter slumber. Other animals are eating more and more to prepare their winter coats also for the inevitable long, cold winter in northern Minnesota.   The leaves change to brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, making for spectacular scenery at both of our camps.  Then the leaves fall to the ground where we can rake them into big piles and jump into them.  Our lakes probably undergo the biggest changes of all.   Lakes go through what is called "turn-over", where the warm water from the top mixes with the cold water from the bottom and switch places.  Our lakes become colder on the surface and warmer as you go deeper.  

Fall is a great time of the year.  There are a lot of changes going on around us, and we get to enjoy everything that comes along with them.  I hope you can come check out the Fall Festival at Camp Hiawatha or the Father/Son Retreat at Camp Vermilion and join me in taking in as much of this beautiful season as possible.

-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director