"Watch Us Flourish" Update

Construction on Camp Vermilion's new dining hall has been moving along quickly all summer! More than a mile of piping was laid in the floor to provide a warm and steady heat throughout the winter and the walls are quickly rising.     


Camp Vermilion Dining Hall Fundraising Report:  

As of Thursday 7/30/15 we have...  

  • $713,674 cash and pledges received ($244,544 in outstanding pledges)
  • $471,000 available resources, including a line of credit and Anoka property sale

We need $1.2 million to get the roof and weatherized structure completed and $2.2 million to complete the project. We need your help! Please consider sharing information about this important project with your community and help us get the roof on before winter!  

There has been a special challenge to VLM's alumni to raise $100,000, called the "Alumni Challenge". It's easy it is to make your donation (CLICK HERE!) - and to spread it out over the entire year! $120 is just $10 a month! Donate that for 3 years and YOU have just donated $360! Take that times the 417 members of the VLM Alumni Facebook group... $150,120! We CAN do this!! Please pray and consider a donation to the VLM Alumni Challenge and the Camp Vermilion Dining Hall.  

-Sarah Thilmany Bustrom                                                                                                         VLM Board of Directors
Vice-Chair of Development
Alumni Liason