Into the Woods with Andy

We are continuing our move into warmer weather here at Camp Vermilion.  With Spring comes big change.  We are scheduled to have the canteen/summer office/nurses station/BNS taken down as a step in the process to build the new dining hall.  The electricity has been shut off, and we have started to move the furniture to new homes throughout camp.  Removal of this building is a significant step in the Watch Them Flourish project.  

We are also very excited that the site preparation for the new Camp Vermilion dining hall is going to start soon. As we excavate, we are going to have a lot of excess sand and gravel.  We are excited to be able to repurpose it right here on site. In an effort to make our entry road safer and easier to maintain (especially in the winter), VLM will be selectively thinning and widening the road.  This will involve some light brush removal along the edges of the road as well as removing trees along parts of the road where it is too narrow for cars to pass safely. Once the road edge is cleared of trees, material will be added along the south edge of certain sections of the road to build it up and widen it.

The drive into camp plays a special role in welcoming people to Vermilion. These improvements will enhance the beauty of the road, as well as making it safer for everyone to travel it. The increased demand for our property with this new dining hall means these improvements to the road are necessary sooner rather than later. We have been marking the areas to be worked on and will be sharing a map with you soon.  Because of the care needed and the work involved, we could use a few hands to help.  Please consider coming up to Camp Vermilion and helping out with a work group, and be sure to join us at the groundbreaking May 16.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule a work group.


-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director