GTMD Final Results

What an incredible day of generosity! At "Give to the Max" the VLM community rallied early, quickly surpassing our initial goal of $25,000! Challenged with another $10,000 goal for Camperships, you continued to give all evening! Just shy of our goal and midnight, the VLM Board and staff rallied this morning to make up the difference. Together we raised $60,000!

$25,000 for VLM operations

matched by

$25,000 for Watch them Flourish Appeal - Camp Vermilion Dining Hall

and an additional

$10,000 for Camperships at Camp Hiawatha and Camp Vermilion

With your help, we not only met our goal but reached even higher! It was our best Give to the Max Day yet, and we could not have done it without the VLM family behind us! VLM came in 24th out of all medium sized nonprofits and 95th overall! It just confirms what we already knew - what an amazing community we are blessed to have supporting us.

Thank you to the entire VLM family for coming together to support this ministry. We look forward to the next 25 years of ministry together in God's great northwoods!

with gratitude,

The VLM Team

Joel, Kai, Patti, Andy, Gretchen, Meagan, Julie, Laura, Jim, Myrna, Jan, Gregg, Grant and Mev