Into the Woods with Andy

October is going by so fast I have hardly been able to enjoy it.  I have noticed the changes, though.  Vermilion has gone from a variety of golds, oranges, yellows and reds to bare trees with mixed green conifers scattered throughout.  It sure makes camp feel a lot smaller once the leaves fall. You can see so much more through the bare brush branches, specifically all our cabins. The rustic red and brown siding and green roofs just fit so perfectly into the scenery at Camp Vermilion.  I can never get over the beauty of this place.  

I have also been over to Camp Hiawatha a few times this month to help with fall projects. That place is my sanctuary.  There is so much good going on around there; I feel it every time I walk around.  Each building... the Dining Hall, the Log Lodge, the Chapel... holds special memories for everyone who has been blessed to spend time here in God's great northwoods.

-Andrew Arola
Camp Vermilion Site Director