"The Blood Stripe" Film

The VLM staff and The Blood Stripe cast and crew in front of the Dining Hall. Click here to see the film's Facebook page!

Camp Vermilion will be making its big screen debut in 2015! With the help of several of our summer staff and a wonderful group of volunteers, we hosted around 40 members of the cast and crew for the filming of The Blood Stripe. Named after the scarlet stripe that runs down the trousers of the United States Marine Corps uniform, The Blood Stripe follows a female marine and the challenges she faces after coming home from combat. Finding it hard to adjust to civilian life, she seeks to escape her problems by returning to the camp she attended as a child - Camp Vermilion.

Filming occurred both at Camp Vermilion and at various other locations around the lake. It was an exciting three weeks as we hosted this group, most of whom had never experienced anything quite like camping in the northwoods. While they were here we heard two things time and time again: how magical a place camp was, and what an amazing community we had around us. We could not agree more! From those who gave of their time and resources, to those who give their support year round, we send our thanks as this project would not have been possible without the VLM family behind us. We look forward to seeing how this project develops in the coming year.


-Mev Winter

Guest Relations Coordinator