Into the Woods with Andy

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to spend the day at Camp Hiawatha. Camp Hiawatha has always been close to my heart. I spent eight weeks there as a camper throughout my youth, and I am always excited to go back. I have to say that Jim, Jack, and our summer maintenance assistant, Sam, have that place looking as wonderful as ever. The grass is very green and the flowers are in full bloom. It was such a welcoming feeling to see how well they take care of the grounds there. 

Camp Vermilion has gotten a bit quieter without kids running around and with most of the staff returning to school. I want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who helped make this summer wonderful and for being a part of what we do here at Camp Vermilion. 


We were able to finish up with all the brush saw release work around all the young red and whitepine trees with help from Roger Esterby this spring. We will still continue to monitor the pines to ensure they stay on the right path to growing up healthy and strong. We won't have to bud cap as many of the young pines this winter because the trees have gotten too tall for the deer to reach. 


We had many other great volunteers grace us with their presence this summer as well. The New Wine group of about forty students from Morris, Minnesota come for a weekend to perform their show and do some work projects. They put a coat of stain on the office decks and our picnic tables, raked around the dining hall, and helped clear trails around camp. They sure got a lot done. The Youth Group from Zion Lutheran in Cloquet also came on a cold windy day and dug out all of our fire rings. They powered through the cold wind and rain to complete their project. We were also blessed to have a few regular volunteers this summer: Steve and Reany Lindberg and Nancy Dennie. These folks live on the lake and came to help almost every week, doing everything from fixing toilets to office work. 


We are truly grateful for all of the volunteer support this summer. We had countless othervolunteers here that mean the world to us. We cannot thank them enough for what they do.


-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director