Notes from the Camp Kitchens

Camp is wrapping up this week, so inventory  can sometimes be a bit tricky to manage. This week I wanted to do a spaghetti sauce, but I had less than what I needed. So I decided to make a pink sauce ( part marinara and part white or Bechamel Sauce). This sauce is also great for pizza as well as lasagna.


  • 5 tbs butter  
  • 1/2 cup flour  
  • 5 cups milk     

Melt 5 tbs of butter in a pan. Add in 1\2 c flour and cook, stirring constantly. This is called a roux. While still stirring, slowly add in 5 cups of milk, making sure to whisk.

You can stop here if you like, or to change it to a true Alfredo sauce, add in grated Parmesan. From there I added some other spices to taste and added it to the rest of the chicken and marinara. 


Kai Abrahamson

Camp Vermilion Hospitality Coordinator