Into the Woods with Andy

I just want to give you all a quick check in from Camp Vermilion. Summer is moving right along here, and we are starting to get into a rhythm. Between the hum of the weed whip and the crackles of the wood splitter we are keeping up with the daily activities here at camp. It always seems to be wet around here with the amount of rain that we have received so far, but that is not deterring us from our daily tasks. 

The wild berries here at camp are in full swing. I have been able to snack on handfuls of wild strawberries that have ripened up here in early July. The raspberries are just starting to turn; we are going to have a bumper crop of them this year. We have lots of raspberry bushes on site as a result of our past forest management plans. We also have a few blueberry bushes scattered around camp that are full of berries. Though they are not ready yet, it will not be long before they ripen up. Enjoying these little treats is worth the wait every year.

Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director