Into the Woods with Andy

Hello from camp! Summer is ramping up, and there is a lot happening. Things have changed so much around here even since the Camp Work Days this spring. The birch, maple, and aspen trees are full of leaves, the lilacs are blooming, and, unfortunately, the mosquitoes have returned. Come see for yourself how beautiful our camp looks in full bloom.

With help from our summer staff we have been able to get even more work done on the grounds here at camp. We moved large amounts of brush and firewood from around the amphitheater at Camp Vermilion to clear out a fire hazard of balsam trees that were cut down during Work Day, and five loads of dirt were delivered to Camp Hiawatha to fill in the holes and improve the landscaping after the large storm in 2012. Another major project the staff took on was floating the rafts out to their summer position, and they did it like professionals. Our summer staff and volunteers are amazing!


Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director