Into the Woods with Andy

Last Saturday we  had our annual Work Day at Camp Vermilion, and WOW what a great success that was. I am continually humbled by the enormous amount of generosity and support this community has for each other. Everywhere I looked there were people cleaning, constructing, and hauling. I truly feel now that our camp season is off and running.

Another part of our wonderful ministry here at camp is our Canoe Country program. I was blessed to be able to take part in a quick three day, two night training trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This trip was to introduce our new Director of Adventure Ministries, Grant Winter, to the BWCA. We had an amazing three days of paddling and portaging through the wilderness. Mud, rocks, and logs could not slow us down. We traveled through twelve lakes in two and a half days. It was a trip full of amazing scenery and amazing people. Although it was a short trip, I was able to get recharged and even more energized for the summer.

I am overwhelmed with excitement for the summer after the last week here at camp. So many good things are happening. Swing by and take part in my excitement at some point this summer; I would love to connect with anyone who shares my deep appreciation for our camps.  


-Andy Arola

Camp Vermilion Site Director