Bring camp home with you this summer!

Pastor Paul Leslie used to say that too often we think of camp as a "bubble", different and apart from the "real world". He encouraged the staff to think of camp as an extension of our home congregations and every aspect of our lives. Camp is part of the real world, and the wonderful energy and passion that seems to come so naturally here should also be lived and expressed wherever we go. So we invite you to "bring camp home" with you this summer, and we offer a few tools and avenues to help.

At Home Posé - We have a short Posé (po-say) available to camper families and our congregations. This study connects to our theme of "God Stories, Our Stories" and gives those at home the opportunity to join in on what is happening at camp. Available soon on our website.

Pray for our campers and staff - Pray not only for their safety, but also that they will be open to the Holy Spirit at work throughout the week.

Connect Online - We will be posting pictures on our Facebook page, and hopefully putting some videos on our YouTube channel through out the summer.