What's a "Trekker" anyway?

Campers know that each year when they come back to camp they'll make awesome new friends, dive deeper  into the Bible, and explore God's great northwoods. But Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry is also very intentional about programs that understand how youth grow and learn. Over time campers progress through 6 unique programs: Discoverers, Venturers, Seekers, Trekkers, Explorers, and Sojourners, plus specialty camps like Sports Camp, Hockey Camp, Family Camp, Rendezvous, and Canoe Country. Each program is different and designed to challenge kids in new and exciting ways - a more challenging meal to cook over the fire, an overnight camping experience, a lunch time canoe trip, or perhaps even an overnight canoe trip.

This summer our theme is all about "Stories". We will dig deeper into some well-known Bible stories, and we'll learn to start telling our own God story. Through everyday activities at camp and on trail, we will look for God at work and then challenge the campers to start telling others about this. We'll get creative in telling our story, using more than words to show God is at work each day.

We're so excited for summer and look forward to hearing how your story and camp's story are connected, and how we are all part of God's story.