Prayers for Jack

Jan and Jack Soltis

As you may have already heard through the VLM network, Jack Soltis, husband of Hiawatha's Hospitality Coordinator Jan, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. After suffering mini stroke like symptoms, it was discovered that he has a large tumor in the front of his brain and underwent surgery last week to remove the bulk of the tumor.

Jack is doing well considering he just had brain surgery. The doctors are pleased with his progress thus far, and he returned home Saturday. Once Jack is rested up and healed, they will begin radiation and chemotherapy in Hibbing.

The family appreciates all of the good wishes and prayers being sent their way. More than once they have commented that they can tell people have been praying for Jack, and credit at least half of his progress to these prayers. (The other half is Jack's determinations and positive attitude!) You can follow along with Jack's progress on the Caring Bridge site his daughter's set up for him: