Posé: A pause or rest stop along the Voyageurs' portage trail. Usually about ½ mile apart. We invite you to take a pause in your day to reflect and pray with us.  


Recently my husband and I purchased a large chunk of land nestled in some of God's Great Northwoods, complete with many deer stands, fantastic trails, a sauna and a cabin. Ok, it's not as much a cabin as it is a shack. Ok, there's no running water, electricity or cell service. At first I thought "This will be nostalgic! A trip into the past! No problem....." But after about 2 days of roughing it, I was thinking, "Seriously!? There has to be a shower here somewhere!" Maybe I wasn't into nostalgia as much as I had initially thought. 

It's now been about a year since purchasing the land, and just like most weekends we've spent out there, this last weekend was no different. We arrived late in the evening, froze until the wood stove heated up, got up early to chop and haul wood and cooked hotdogs over a campfire. Every woman's dream right!?! But as the last haul of wood was being unloaded, I had an epiphany! I looked over at my kids, ages 14 and 12, and they were....not fighting! In fact I hadn't seen them disagree at all! My daughter who changes at least three times a day before school was wearing the same clothes as the day before and (gasp!) had mud on her face! My son who disappears into his room every chance he gets was working really hard and laughing at our squirrel-obsessed dog! My husband who always seems to have a look of stress on his face was smiling. Had we stumbled into a parallel dimension with an outhouse!? No...it was God's Great Northwoods. And in that moment we were all a part of the vibrant nature God provides. We were enveloped in it...we were breathing it in and it was good for our souls! 

Now Monday has returned and we are back in reality, complete with the stress of life. Science projects, after school activities, deadlines...but I can't help but feel some leftover peace from our weekend. In a day and age in which cell phone service is a prerequisite for happy living, I thank God for guiding us in the decision to purchase this little chunk of cell-serviceless heaven...but I still wouldn't mind a shower. 


-Nikki Rudd

Youth and Family Ministry Director 

Zion Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, MN