This is my VLM...

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry is blessed with a rich history. From Camp Vermilion and Camp Hiawatha to Voyageurs Canoe Country, quilting retreats to volunteer groups, staff and campers from the Iron Range to those from around the world, there are many stories that encompass the history of VLM. As we get ready for this year's Give to the Max Day, we will be asking for your help so we can celebrate the many varied stories of VLM's history.

We want to celebrate our past so we remember why it's so important to invest in our future. Through our work here at VLM we get the chance to talk to those who have come here for 40 years as well as those visiting for their first time. If there is one thing to be learned from all of our conversations it is this: while VLM has a wonderful past, it has the opportunity to have an even greater future.

On Give to the Max Day, you have the chance to celebrate VLM's history by investing in its future. Just as there is not one single story of VLM, there is not one single way to give. We want to give you the tools you need to help us make this the most successful Give to the Max Day yet!

What is Give to the Max Day?

Give to the Max Day is a 24-hour event created by GiveMN to rally supporters  like you to spread the word and the excitement for this single day of giving. By making giving fun and easy, they hope to create a culture of giving.

This year our goal is to raise $40,000 to help make camp possible and affordable, but we will need your help!

Find out more about GiveMN by visiting their website.

Help us Celebrate our Past

As we go throughout Give to the Max Day we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the  best of what has helped make VLM what it is today but we need your help to do that! There are a few ways you can help: 

  • November 13th is a Thursday, so we will be having our own Throwback Thursday. Whether they're from 30 years ago or this past summer, we want to see the pictures that help capture your VLM story. Contribute by emailing us your pictures or sending hard copies to the VLM office
  • We also want to celebrate some of the stories that make up VLM's history, so write down your favorite camp story and send it to us! We will be using #thisismyVLM to share your stories throughout the day of Give to the Max.

We will be posting your pictures and stories on our Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout Give to the Max Day. Send them in soon so you can to be a part of the celebration of VLM history.

How can you get involved?

  • Today through November 12th - Send in your Throwback Thursday and #thisismyVLM stories so we can make the most of this fun day in the VLM community. These can be emailed or sent to the camp office.  Share your stories any time by using #thisismyVLM.
  • November 1st - November 12th - Beginning November 1st you can schedule your Give to the Max donation and it will be posted on Give to the Max Day, qualifying it for matching funds.

On Give to the Max Day:

  • Give! - We hope to raise $40,000 on Give to the Max Day to help invest in the future of VLM. Donate on November 13th and your gift will go even further through matching funds. Schedule your donation ahead of time or head to our GiveMN page on November 13th to be a part of this special day of giving.
  • Then share! - Our goal of Give to the Max Day is to reach as many givers as we can in one day and we ask for your help in doing so. We will be providing a link you can share on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word on Give to the Max day.
  • Throwback Thursday & #thisismyVLM - Even if you didn't send them ahead of time, join in the spirit of the day by sharing your VLM Throwback Thursday pictures and #thisismyVLM stories throughout the day. Help spread the news by letting others know why VLM is important to you.
  • Give on the Go - Live in Minneapolis/St Paul and commute to work? GiveMN and Metro Transit have teamed up for Give to the Max Day. GiveMN will be giving out free breakfast and special prizes to individuals who participate on their morning commute. Passes for the ride home will also be available for donors of Give to the Max Day. Find out more here to make the most of this state-wide day of giving.
  • Host a party - Help celebrate the day with others in the VLM family by hosting a party! Willing to host? Let us know and we will help spread the word.